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10 Sep 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Caster Semenya leaks begin

Following on from my post yesterday, which looked at the latest developments in the case of Caster Semenya, I have two very quick links to provide you with. I’m rushing off to do a presentation on the issue for a local scientific organization, so I have little time to comment, but the links will come […]

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08 Jul 2008 Posted in 2008 Tour de France

le Tour de France 2008: Feed them well

The 2008 edition of le grande boucle, as it is affectionately known, is now fully underway, and so far each stage has been quite exciting. The tour started without the traditional prologue, and instead was a full on stage. It’s slightly uphill finish effectively neutralized the sprinters, and so it was not surprising to see […]

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12 Dec 2007 Posted in London Marathon

Interesting news from the marathon

We’re bang in the middle of our series on Running Economy, but thought that for today, we’d take a break from that series and turn our attention to a few interesting news stories that are coming out of the world of marathon running. The Sub-2 hour marathon: Debate re-opened The first is a discussion about […]

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17 Oct 2007 Posted in Fluid, heat & thermoregulation/Series

Fluid intake, dehydration and exercise: Part II

Today sees the second post in our series on fluid intake, dehydration and exercise. Yesterday we looked at the history of fluid intake and how radically our beliefs on the subject had changed. Today we turn our attention to the evidence that has accompanied this shift, beginning with the contention that runners who become dehydrated […]

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07 Jul 2007 Posted in Running/Training theories

Altitude training – the basics

So I really struggle to come up with a decent post for today, felt like doing something on cycling again, now that Jorg Jaksche has admitted to doping and suggested it is pervasive in the peloton. For some classic quotes, have a look at this article. The most telling this is the reaction of the […]

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