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23 Oct 2011 Posted in Rugby

Rugby World Cup: The ref debate

It’s been a long time between posts – busy work periods, lack of inspiration, lack of news stories (well, that’s not entirely true!), but pick the excuse.  Apologies for the long break. I’m back with a viewpoint on rugby – probably not the topic of interest for most of you reading this in the USA, […]

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11 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Training, talent, 10000 hours and the genes

An overview of the importance of genetic factors in determining sport, leading to the definition that training is nothing more than the realization of genetic potential.  Both are equally vital.

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09 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Talent, training and performance: The secrets of success

The 10000 hour theory of deliberate practice for expert performance has gained traction in recent years.  Here is why it is flawed, and potentially misleading for coaches, parents and HP managers

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25 Aug 2010 Posted in Other sports

Kayaking wrap from Poznan

The 2010 ICF Sprint World championships in Poznan are now over, and the focus now shifts to Olympic qualification next year, and then hopefully onto London 2012.  Apart from pacing strategy insights (which offended a lot of fans, it would seem), the week in Poland was very informative and helpful for our ambitions moving forward. […]

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15 Apr 2010 Posted in Caster Semenya

Let male and female compete together

As a follow up to my , I am currently reading a book called “Genetic technology and sport: ethical questions”.  And Chapter 15 of this book is titled “The genetic design of a new Amazon”. Below is an excerpt from that chapter.  I’m rewriting it, word for word, to build on what I .  I’d […]

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14 Jan 2010 Posted in Caster Semenya

Semenya to run again? Claims and counterclaims

I know I said that I’d be tackling weight loss and exercise, but we always try to cover breaking news on science-related topics, and so I felt compelled to shift that series back by one day (don’t worry, it’s on the way!) to comment very briefly on the latest in the murky world of Athletics South […]

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27 Dec 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Semenya to sue for $120 million

I realise I’m interrupting my series on the Top 9 sports science stories of 2009, and I am bombarding you with posts at a time when you may not even be reading (you’ll have a lot to get through when your vacation is over – apologies!), but I came across this link courtesy Alessandra at our last […]

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22 Sep 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya – cover-ups, lies and confusion

For those who have not been following this astonishing story, Athletics South Africa boss Leonard Chuene admitted on the weekend that he lied about not having prior knowledge of the doubt around Caster Semenya, and has admitted that he authorized tests on Semenya in South Africa before the team left for the IAAF World Champs in Berlin. […]

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25 Aug 2009 Posted in Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya debate: Some physiology explained

How do you know the sex of a chromosome? Pull down its genes! If only it were that easy… Today, Team SA arrived back in South Africa after the World Championships in Berlin. The welcome home ceremony was really about one person – Caster Semenya, and the scenes in Johannesburg were just extra-ordinary. We have […]

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