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20 Aug 2009 Posted in World Championships

Usain Bolt: 19.19s – you must be kidding

I must confess, I didn’t think the world record would fall. I was pretty sure he’d win, by far, but I felt a 19.4 would be enough, and that another record was just out of reach. Bolt didn’t – he ran 19.19s, winning by 0.62 seconds, and with it, won his 5th gold medal in a 5th […]

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17 Aug 2009 Posted in African running

Analysis of Bolt’s 9.58 WR

As promised, as soon as the results and split times from Bolt’s unbelievable 9.58s performance were available, we’d be analysing them Turns out they became available rather quickly (not 9.58s kind of quick, but quick nevertheless). So here is the analysis of Bolt’s race. All the splits First of all, here is the table published by […]

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16 Aug 2009 Posted in African running/World Championships

Usain Bolt 9.58s!!!!

9.58s 9.58s 9.58s If you’re looking for analysis of Usain Bolt’s magnificent 9.58s WR last night, you’re in the right place. , including Bolt’s splits, speeds and a comparison with his previous world record in Beijing. Extra-ordinary. 9.58 seconds for 100m, and Usain Bolt just got better. Quite astonishing, as the Jamaican won the race by 0.13 seconds […]

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21 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Discovering Usain Bolt

Well, halfway into the athletics programme of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and the name on everyone’s lips is Usain Bolt. The man with the most appropriate name in track and field (a close second is Philip Spies, who was a South African javelin thrower…”spies” is the Afrikaans word for javelin) has electrified the Beijing […]

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17 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Men 100m race analysis

Well, yesterday evening we posted on the incredible performance of Usain Bolt, who took the Olympic 100m title in 9.69 seconds, breaking his own world record by 0.03 seconds, despite the fact that he started celebrating about 20m from the finish! It was a spectacular performance, which you can read about here. The splits and […]

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16 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Men 100m report

For RACE ANALYSIS, including split times, and average speeds for Usain Bolt’s world record, see the related posts at the bottom (or in the sidebar to the right). Usain Bolt delivered. Nobody else stood a chance. It was quite simply the most devastating display of 100m sprinting I have ever seen. The “race” that everyone […]

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16 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Men’s 100 m Fly

1/100th of a second. Such are the margins in the Olympic Games. And such was the difference between Michael Phelps winning his seventh gold, and claiming a silver in the 100m Butterfly. In one of the most incredible swimming races you’ll ever see, Phelps was behind for 99.95 m of a 100m race, and managed, […]

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