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30 Jul 2009 Posted in Other sports

Swimsuit debate: Differing perspectives

One of the positive effects of the ongoing swimsuit debate is the range of perspectives it brings forward. I had planned a detailed post on swimming world records, a historical look at how swimming has evolved, largely in response to some your comments regarding how what we’re seeing is progress and natural evolution. But then […]

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29 Jul 2009 Posted in Other sports

Swimming world records – not a good day for Speedo

Tuesday the 28th of July was not a good day for Speedo. Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time (in terms of medals), and Speedo’s big name sponsored athlete, beaten into second in an event he has for a long time dominated. Beaten by a man who only a year ago was 5th in the […]

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28 Jul 2009 Posted in Other sports

Swimming world records fall like meaningless tenpins

Queen’s song “Who wants to live forever” has been working overtime in Rome. There is a certain irony in the fact that every single time a world record is broken in the pool during the current World Swimming Championships, Freddie Mercury’s voice echoes around the Foro Italico, asking a rhetorical question that typifies the sport […]

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22 Jun 2009 Posted in Other sports/Topical Sports News

Swimsuit debate continued

Regular readers will have been following our ongoing discussion around the new range of controversial swimsuits that have, in the estimation of just about all concerned, blown swimming records out of the water in the last 18 months. The very latest development is that FINA, swimming’s governing body, has approved the latest controversial swimsuits, at least until […]

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21 Dec 2008 Posted in 2008/2008

Top 8 of ’08: Number 3

The Number 3 Sports Science story of 2008 comes from the swimming pools of the world. It is a story we’ve featured heavily this year, perhaps more than any other (so it may even have been deserving of the Number 1 slot), because of the scientific, philosophical and ethical questions it has thrown up. It […]

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25 Nov 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008/Other sports

Swimsuit controversy

The Beijing Olympic Games have come and gone. And with them, aided by technology including a uniformly deeper pool, improved wash-off areas, and high-tech swimsuits, so have 70 world swimming records this year. In fact, swimming now suffers from such a dramatic credibility crisis that a race in which a world record is NOT broken is a […]

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16 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Men’s 100 m Fly

1/100th of a second. Such are the margins in the Olympic Games. And such was the difference between Michael Phelps winning his seventh gold, and claiming a silver in the 100m Butterfly. In one of the most incredible swimming races you’ll ever see, Phelps was behind for 99.95 m of a 100m race, and managed, […]

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14 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008: Swimming world records

Today must have been an ‘off-day’ for the Beijing Water Cube. “Only” 2 world records was broken in this morning’s competitions, those of the 200m Butterfly for women, and the 4 x 200m Freestyle for women. Admittedly, the latter record was smashed, by all of 5.79 seconds, but the rest of the day was something […]

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10 Aug 2008 Posted in Beijing 2008

Beijing: Can Phelps win eight?

The first week of the Olympic Games has swimming as its “centerpiece”, with the track and field programme taking over towards the end of next week. So for this week, it’s all eyes on the ‘Water Cube’ in Beijing where Michael Phelps has begun his quest for 8 gold medals in style. This morning (well, […]

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