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11 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Training, talent, 10000 hours and the genes

An overview of the importance of genetic factors in determining sport, leading to the definition that training is nothing more than the realization of genetic potential.  Both are equally vital.

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09 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Talent, training and performance: The secrets of success

The 10000 hour theory of deliberate practice for expert performance has gained traction in recent years.  Here is why it is flawed, and potentially misleading for coaches, parents and HP managers

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Specialization, training volume and talent development

Yesterday I started what I hope is an interesting and thought-provoking in young children.  I looked at a recent study of Danish elite and near-elite athletes where the authors concluded that “There is no delay in the athletic development that cannot be made up later with late specialization”. Practice trajectory leads to performance? That conclusion was […]

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