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24 Aug 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

The scientific evidence for an advantage for Oscar Pistorius

We may as well jump straight in with the continuation of the scientific summary of the research done on 400m sprinter Oscar Pistorius.  Yesterday, , done at the request of the IAAF in Germany, found that Pistorius used 25% less oxygen during a simulated sprint, and that his running mechanics were vastly different to those […]

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23 Aug 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

The scientific interpretation of Oscar Pistorius research

The possibility that Oscar Pistorius has an advantage from his carbon-fibre blades is a topic that I honestly wasn’t going to cover on this site. For one thing, I’ve covered it already, dating back to 2007 when the story first emerged. And secondly, it inspires in people a reaction that buries the scientific question/debate in […]

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11 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Training, talent, 10000 hours and the genes

An overview of the importance of genetic factors in determining sport, leading to the definition that training is nothing more than the realization of genetic potential.  Both are equally vital.

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09 Aug 2011 Posted in Talent vs training

Talent, training and performance: The secrets of success

The 10000 hour theory of deliberate practice for expert performance has gained traction in recent years.  Here is why it is flawed, and potentially misleading for coaches, parents and HP managers

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23 Jul 2011 Posted in 2011 Tour de France/Cycling Physiology

Tour 2011: Alp d’Huez, leaving the mountains and onto the TT

The Tour de France is now only one day away from finally answering every question posed of it, and its riders, almost three weeks ago. A time-trial in Grenoble holds the final answer: Schleck or Evans? But much fell into place during the Alp stages – we now know that Contador wasn’t quite up to […]

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19 Jul 2011 Posted in 2011 Tour de France

Tour de France 2011: Rest day musings

The Tour is enjoying a rest day.  Call it the calm before the storm that awaits in the Alps, starting on Wednesday.  Most of my thoughts have been covered in my last two posts, post and then yesterday, giving some  and how it seems to have altered doping behaviour. But, today being a rest day, […]

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15 Jul 2011 Posted in 2011 Tour de France

Tour de France 2011: Luz Ardiden analysis and thoughts

It’s a day late, for which I apologize (grant proposals due at work!), but hopefully better late than never, some analysis of the first big mountains of the 2011 Tour de France. The race’s first foray into the Pyrenees went some of the way towards ‘cleaning up’ the top page of the overall GC, but […]

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14 Jul 2011 Posted in 2011 Tour de France

Enter the Pyrenees

Today sees the first of the big encounters that will decide the Tour de France.  For the next 10 days, the Pyrenees and the Alps will loom large before the GC riders still remaining in this year’s Tour de France. There are four mountain top finishes in the the next ten days of racing, all […]

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10 Jul 2011 Posted in 2011 Tour de France

Tour de France 2011: Raining crashes as we build to the Pyrenees

So the Tour has a new leader – Thomas Voeckler, who got himself into a break on Stage 9 to claim yellow off Hushovd’s shoulders. It wasn’t the way many expected it to go – the ‘script’ was that Hushovd would relinquish his lead on Saturday’s Stage 8 on a relatively tough finish up to […]

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