Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to apply sports science concepts and insights to the sports news you see every day, and to the training and performance challenges you face, regardless of your sport, or the level you compete at.

It’s a huge privilege to have studied something that is so relevant and so important to so many people.  From recreational athletes to elite Olympians, people are inspired by sport, and they want to push themselves to greater heights, speeds and distances.  Sports science can help answer questions, optimize strategies and shed light on the invisible (and visible) barriers to performance.  Sadly, the field is often inaccessible – cutting edge research takes years to filter down to the “end-users”, and even when it does, it is often ‘corrupted’ by jargon, overly complex explanations and confusing contradictions.  Our Mission is to communicate that aspect of sports science and physiology in a way that is relevant, easy to understand and even entertaining.

Similarly, people share a passion for sport that is impossible to find in any other field, and so when millions pick up their local paper or log on to the sports news sites on a daily basis, they are hungry for information.

The mission here at The Science of Sport is to provide a second, third and fourth level of insight to that sports news.  Controversies like doping in sport, Caster Semenya, Oscar Pistorius and the carbon-fiber blade advantage and genetic vs training-related advantages for certain nations are stories that are begging for insight and opinion, based on science.  We aim to provide that.

Think of it as the world of sport through x-ray glasses.  And remember, the aim is never to have the last word, only the first one, so we welcome the debate and conversation!


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